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Home / PowerShares (QQQ) Options Trading Cheatsheet PowerShares (QQQ) Options Trading Cheatsheet TraderTim T The PowerShares QQQ, previously known as the QQQQ, is a widely held and traded exchange-traded fund (ETF) that gives investors and traders a snapshot of how some of the largest technology companies are trading stocks. Jun 27,  · * just about every morning I give a Trading Plan for the day by ET * just about every Trading night I post Annotated Charts of my Trading System and how it applied to the day's QQQQ (and/or SPY) action and Trade Signals that were triggered that day with detailed explanations. Uncovered options trading involves greater risk than stock trading. You absolutely must make your own decisions before acting on any information obtained from this Website. The return results represented on the web site are based on the premium received for the selling options short and do not reflect margin.

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I like sticking with the QQQQ and its options because of the large volume traded very liquid I currently maintain a Blog to explain my Trading System and Comment on my daily trading: [url]www.

I also add new techniques, tools, and strategies on a monthly basis so that we are ever growing and learning. You will have access to the details of my Trading System I am keeping track of each trade we make using the QQQQ Trading System in real-time here: I do not track commission because it varies so much between traders' accounts.

So, you can deduct your own typical commission from these results. BAD Trade! BAD Trades! I have definitely concluded that trying to keep a Delta Neutral position throughout an OE period is Day trading qqqq options time consuming, a hassle, and can easily lead to losses.

I have discovered that for the most part it is much better just doing my individual, directional Trades and Banking Profits more often. Old Past Performance also shown here Be the first! You are Guest on WEB7. QQQ Detailed Quote. PlusOneCoin Top Posts. I do mostly Day- and Short-Term- Trading. It looks like this page isnt used much. That double top was hard to resist both. QQQ is setting up very. QQQ - a very Profitable call last time.

I'm looking to Add to my Down positions. I still trade, but, I'm also sitting in. Quiet board these days. Hope all is. Stocks posted modest gains yesterday after a German. Stocks rallied across the board yesterday as optimistic. Stocks ended little changed yesterday, as investors await.

Stocks notched a third month of gains in. Stocks ended yesterday with slim gains, following early. Stocks ended last week on a high Day trading qqqq options. Stocks fell yesterday after a Federal Reserve official. Stocks trimmed losses yesterday to close mixed after. Stocks pared early losses yesterday to close virtually. Stocks ended higher Friday on positive economic data. Stocks advanced slightly yesterday on light volume on. Stocks finishing the day barely changed yesterday, trimming.

Stocks tumbled yesterday as concerns about global growth, Day trading qqqq options. Stocks edged lower yesterday after the Federal Reserve. Stocks fell yesterday, trimming a second month of, Day trading qqqq options.

Investors took a pause yesterday, waiting to see. Stocks rallied yesterday after the European Central Bank. Stocks sank yesterday, following a report that Greece. More downside coming. Stocks managed to pare losses yesterday, but all. Consumers kept a tight grip on their wallets. Stocks fell Thursday as fears about a global. Yesterday Day trading qqqq options slipped for the fourth day in. Yesterday stocks showed weakness as worries about corporate.

The Labor Department's jobs report came in below. The market closed in negative territory yesterday, after. Markets closed yesterday with solid gains following strong.

Stocks fell sharply yesterday as investors lowered their.


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Day trading qqqq options


Jan 18,  · On the same trading day, a trade was initiated in accordance with the signal. We bought QQQQ puts at $ per contract. We bought QQQQ puts at $ per contract. On January 18, , the trade was closed. With the Nasdaq selling down hard right from the start today, the $5K day-trade in the weekly QQQ in-the-money put finished on its peak at the end of day up %, $ on a $ . ITS and OTS Signals - OTS options signals are issued for the trading options; in contrast, ITS signals are issued for trading index derivatives (QQQQ, SPDRs and DIA). Selling Put Options - If a trader feels that the market is in an upward trend and not likely to go down, then the Selling Puts Option Trading Strategy can be considered.